WMU Horn Studio Resources

Spring 2014 Calendar
Undergraduate Horn Curriculum Guide
Graduate Horn Curriculum Guide
Brass Area Policies
Mock Audition Excerpts

Foulk: Basic Horn Repertoire
Foulk: Recital Checklist
Labar: Prioritized Excerpt List
Foulk: Horn Resources (where to buy music and horn stuff)
Foulk: Recognizing and Performing Intervals
Heim: Comprehensive Harmonic Series Chart
Hill: All Possible Fingerings
Jancie&Bob horn history video
Local orchestras and music presenters
Summer Festivals--compiled by WMU alum Molly Zebell

Resources for More Effective Practicing
Semester Goals
Weekly Practice Plan
Horn Technique Checklist
Foulk: Tips for Better Practicing

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Reading Assignments (assigned as needed in 2013-14)
First-Year Students
Second-Year Students
Third-Year Students
  • Foulk: Grad School Checklist
  • Heath: Life After Music School
  • Greene: Centering exercise
Fourth and Fifth-Year Students
Graduate Students