Graduate students honored for research

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KALAMAZOO--Nineteen students representing 10 disciplines were honored for their research at Western Michigan University's 2012 Research and Creative Activities Poster Day.

Approximately 275 faculty, staff and students attended the event April 20 at the Fetzer Center. It featured posters and displays by faculty and graduate students from across the University. WMU Emerging Faculty scholar Dr. Eli Rubin and Distinguished Faculty scholar Dr. Katherine Joslin gave lectures that capped the day.

Award winners

  • Clara P. Adams, chemistry, "Surface Functionalization of Gold Nanoparticles for Dual Optical and Electrochemical Detection of Pathogens," sponsor Dr. Sherine Obare, associate professor of chemistry.
  • Elian Aljadeff-Abergel, psychology, "The Collateral Effects of Social Skills' Intervention on Second Grade Students' Academic Performance in Physical Education," sponsor Dr. Stephanie Peterson, associate professor of psychology.
  • Jeffrey Barney and Jacinta Mutambuki, Mallinson Institute for Science Education, "Science Faculty Grading Practices on Quantitative Problems: Are Their Values Consistent with Their Practices?" sponsors Dr. Charles Henderson, associate professor of physics, Dr. Heather Petcovic, associate professor of geosciences, and Dr. Herb Fynewever, adjunct associate professor of chemistry education.
  • Dale Dailey, geosciences, "Geophysical and Remote Sensing Applications for a Better Understanding of the Structural Controls on Groundwater Flow in the Lucerne Valley, California," sponsor Dr. Mohamed Sultan, chair of geosciences.
  • Amy Morrison Gyorkos and Monica McCullough, biological sciences, "Effect of Varying Exercise Intensities on GDNF Expression and Neuromuscular Junction Morphology," sponsor Dr. John Spitsbergen, chair of biological sciences.
  • Justin K. Hanig, economics, "Showing World Market Integration through Time," sponsors Dr. Susan Pozo, professor of economics, and Dr. James Hueng, associate professor of economics.
  • Travis G. Hayden, geosciences, "New Eocene Continental Breakup Ages from the Australian and Antarctic Margins: Results from IODP Expedition 318 to Wilkes Land, Antarctica," sponsor Dr. Michelle Kominz, professor of geosciences.
  • Anne M. Holcomb, communication, "Codes of Femininity and Body Image in Branded Social-Networking Messages and Consumer Responses," sponsor Dr. Jennifer Machiorlatti, associate professor of communication.
  • Yumeizhi Jia and Sooman Lim, paper engineering, chemical engineering and imaging; "Ink Jet Ink Printability," sponsors Dr. Sasha Pekarovicova, professor of paper engineering, chemical engineering and imaging, and Dr. Paul Fleming, professor of paper engineering, chemical engineering and imaging.
  • Catherine L. Kothari, interdisciplinary health sciences, "Using GIS to Examine the Relationship of Maternal Race and Neighborhood Racial Segregation with Birth Outcomes," sponsor Dr. Amy Curtis, associate professor of physician assistant.
  • James L. Kratky, mathematics, "Investigating the Support for Algebraic Thinking in the Math Trailblazers Elementary Curriculum," sponsor Dr. Kate Kline, professor of mathematics.
  • Taylor R. Paskin, biological sciences, "Injury-Induced Degeneration and Regeneration of the Adult Zebrafish Olfactory System Affects Morphology, Function, and Behavior," sponsor Dr. Christine Byrd-Jacobs, professor of biological sciences.
  • Rachel Salim, geosciences, "Laboratory Testing of Capillary Rise in Fine-Grained Sands and Silts," sponsor Dr. Duane Hampton, associate professor of geosciences.
  • Ryan J. Sibert, geosciences, "The Effects of Road Salt Influx on the Geochemical Cycling of Woods Lake," sponsor Dr. Carla Koretsky, Lee Honors College associate dean and professor of geosciences.
  • Setare Tahmasebi Nick and Elizabeth L. Bejcek, chemistry, "Surface Modification of Metallic Nanoparticles for Effective Destruction of Biological Cells," sponsors Dr. Sherine Obare, associate professor of chemistry, and Dr. Bruce Bejcek, professor of biological sciences.

The day's events were sponsored by the Research Policies Council of the Faculty Senate along with the Office of the Vice President for Research and the Graduate Student Advisory Committee, Graduate Studies Council, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Aviation, College of Education and Human Development, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the College of Health and Human Services.