Learner support program review and planning cycle concludes

contact: Cathe Springsteen
| WMU News

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Phase II of Western Michigan University's Learner Support Program Review and Planning cycle ended Aug. 31.

The cycle, which began July 15, 2016, focused on 104 learner support programs in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and divisions of Academic Affairs, Intercollegiate Athletics and Student Affairs that contribute to the learning, growth and development of learners outside of traditional curricular instruction.

Integrated program review assists with continuous improvement of programs and services, demonstrates a program's effectiveness, holds a program accountable to learners and the University, and helps with institutionwide understanding of learning outcomes and learner satisfaction.

During Phase II, next- and division-level supervisors completed their reviews of program-submitted self-study reports and made planning recommendations. Completed reports are available online to WMU faculty and staff through the Program Review SharePoint Gateway at wmich.edu/effectiveness/program/support.

For more information about Learner Support Program Review and Planning or the integrated program review and planning process, visit wmich.edu/effectiveness/program. Questions should be directed to Dr. Jody Brylinsky, associate provost for institutional effectiveness, at jody.brylinsky@wmich.edu or (269) 387-2314.

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