Photo of Regena Fails Nelson
Interim Chair, Special Education and Literacy Studies
(269) 387-3437
Photo of Emily Curiel
Assistant Professor of Special Education
(269) 387-5955
Photo of Virginia David
Assistant Professor of TESOL, Literacy Studies
(269) 387-3494
Photo of Kristal Ehrhardt
Professor of Special Education
(269) 387-4478
Photo of Sharon Kingston
Administrative Assistant II of Special Education and Literacy Studies
(269) 387-5938
Photo of Sharon Kingston
Administrative Assistant I of the Dorothy J. McGinnis Reading Center and Clinic
(269) 387-3534
Photo of Hsiao-Chin Kuo
Assistant Professor of Literacy Studies
(269) 387-3498
Photo of Judy Medendorp
Administrative Assistant I
(269) 387-5935
Photo of Dan Morgan
Professor of Special Education
(269) 387-2968
Photo of Susan Piazza
Professor and Unit Coordinator of Literacy Studies
(269) 387-3578
Photo of Selena Protacio
Associate Professor of Literacy Studies
(269) 387-6050
Photo of Shaila Rao
Professor of Special Education
(269) 387-2470
Photo of Deanna Roland
Faculty Specialist of Literacy Studies
(269) 387-1721
Photo of Sarah Summy
Associate Professor of Special education
(269) 387-5943
Photo of Luchara Sayles Wallace
Associate Professor of Special Education
(269) 387-5941
Photo of Elizabeth Whitten
Professor of Special Education
(269) 387-5940