R.N.-B.S.N. Program of Study

Part-time plan of study with summers

Fall, first year

  • NUR 3400: Transition to Professional Nursing, six credits

Spring, first year

  • NUR 3420: Health Assessment Throughout the Lifespan, three credits
  • STAT 3660: Introduction to Statistics, four credits

Summer I, first year

  • NUR 3220: Health Care Ethics (Area II General Education), three credits

Summer II, first year

  • NUR 3330: Informatics for Health Care Professionals, three credits

Fall, second year

  • NUR 3430: Nursing Research, three credits

Spring, second year

  • NUR 4340: Nursing Leadership and Management, six credits

Summer I and II, second year

  • NUR 4330: Population Based Nursing, six credits

General education courses

  • Fine Arts (Area I), three credits
  • U.S. Cultures (Area III), three credits
  • Other Cultures (Area IV), three credits
  • Proficiency 4, three credits
  • Elective, three credits