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Become an Instructor

If you are interested in facilitating a course for the Academy of Lifelong Learning, we invite you to complete our Course Proposal Form.

Step 1) Please review and be prepared to provide the following information on the Course Proposal Form.

Printable Instructions

  • Contact Information (Name, Address, phone, email)
  • An instructor bio (limit 75 words)
    • This will be used in the Academy of Lifelong Learning catalog to introduce you to our members. Please include educational background, teaching experience, special training or qualifications in the subject area to be taught
  • Your semester preference (please note any deadlines for submission)
  • A proposed course title (please make it as catchy, imaginative and humorous as possible)
  • A detailed course description (limit 100 words)
    • This will also be used in the Academy of Lifelong Learning catalog. Please include what a participant may expect from the course experience
  • Whether you will be having a guest speaker
  • Any handouts you may anticipate using (please note the maximum of 150 pages)
  • Your recommended class size with a minimum and maximum capacity number
  • Your room set-up preference
    • Classroom, Lecture or either
  • Any and all technology needs
  • Your schedule preference (days, times number of sessions and any dates you would prefer)
  • Whether you will need a parking permit (please note you will need your license plate number if a permit is needed)

Step 2) Complete the Course Proposal Form

Please complete the form online. Otherwise, please complete the printable form (PDF).

If you have any questions regarding the Course Proposal Form, please contact the Academy of Lifelong Learning at (269) 387-4200 or eup-lla@wmich.edu.