Applying to the Professional Master's Degree Program

Minimum application requirements and prerequisites

  • Applications are due Feb. 1 of each year
  • You must have a bachelor's degree completed (or nearly completed) from an accredited institution
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA from the most recent 60 credits of coursework (please note: the average GPA that was accepted for the fall 2014 cohort was a 3.82)
  • All prerequisites must be completed before the application is due. These include:
    • BIOS 2110: Human Anatomy
    • BIOS 2400: Human Physiology
    • PSY 1000: General Psychology
    • PSY 2500: Abnormal Psychology
    • ENGL 1050: Thought and Writing
    • HSV 2250: Growth, Development and Aging
    • OT 2020: Orientation to OT—OT 2020 is offered through WMU in an online format, and can either be completed before application, or can be in progress when the application is due. Applications are due Feb. 1, so OT 2020 would have to be in progress during the spring semester at WMU. To register for OT 2020, you must first apply to WMU using the appropriate application. If you already have a bachelor's degree completed, please complete the graduate non-degree application. If you are currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at another institution, please complete the guest application
  • Volunteer/work experience, cultural competency, leadership/teamwork experience, research experience
  • Documented OT shadowing experience—Please use the evaluation form located at the link below.

How to apply

Please note: The application process has changed from previous years. The WMU graduate admissions application and the OT graduate application are now both submitted online.

The following steps must be completed no later than Feb. 1

  1. Apply to WMU using the graduate admissions application
  2. Within the graduate admissions application, you will be directed to a supplemental application to the entry-level master’s program for occupational therapy. You will complete this OT application, and submit it online. Please review the M.S. in occupational therapy summary page for more information.

The only portion of the supplemental OT application that must be mailed is the OT job shadowing evaluation(s). Please mail the sealed OT evaluations to the following address by Feb. 1:

Western Michigan University
College of Health and Human Services
Advising Office- ATTN: Sarah Anderson
1903 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5380 USA

Graduate admission process

Upon receipt of a completed application, the department will:

  • Calculate each applicant's GPA.
  • Review and score applications 
  • Rank total application scores (highest to lowest) for all applicants.
  • Admit applicants with the highest total application scores to fill the cohorts: 32 admitted to the Grand Rapids location, 16 admitted to the Kalamazoo location. 
  • A small number of applicants will be placed on a waiting list

If you have any further questions, please email Sarah Anderson, OT advisor, at