Applying to the 4+1 program

Minimum application requirements and prerequisites for current WMU and transfer students

  • Applications are due Jan. 31 (fall admission) and Sept. 1 (spring admission) of each year
  • Minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA. This will be calculated from all previous coursework, including any courses taken at institutions other than WMU.
  • All prerequisites must be completed before the application is due. These include: 
    • BIOS 2100  Human Anatomy
    • BIOS 2400: Human Physiology
    • PSY 1000: General Psychology
    • PSY 2500: Abnormal Psychology
    • ENGL 1050: Thought & Writing
    • HSV 2250: Growth, Development, and Aging
    • OT 2020: Orientation to OT—OT 2020 is a three-credit online course at WMU that can be completed before applying, or can be in progress when the application is due. To register for OT 2020, you must first apply to WMU using the appropriate application. If you are currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at another institution, please complete the guest application.
    • Volunteer/work experience, cultural competency, leadership/teamwork experience
    • Documented OT shadowing experience—please use the evaluation form located on the last page of the OT application.

Steps to apply

  1. Must be admitted to WMU, and have all official copies of your transcripts (from every school you've attended other than WMU) sent to the WMU Office of Admissions. We must have everything on file, including any coursework you complete just before the OT application deadline.
  2. Submit your 4+1 OT application no later than the deadline: Jan. 31 or Sept. 1
    • Pay close attention to checklist on page one

Admission process

Upon receipt of a complete and signed application, the department will:

  • Calculate each applicant's GPA.
  • Review and score applications.
  • Rank total application scores (highest to lowest) for all applicants.
  • Admit applicants with the highest total application scores to fill the cohorts: 32 admitted in spring, 16 admitted in fall.

If you have any further questions, please email OT advisor Sarah Anderson