OT 3810: OT Practice I - Infancy through Adolescence

Course description

Using a variety of teaching/learning strategies, including a problem-based approach, students will define and apply the occupational therapy process to health maintenance and rehabilitation. Students will consider the interrelationship between occupational therapy performance components, occupational performance areas, and performance contexts.

Relationship to curriculum design

Embedded within this course are opportunities for students to discover concepts that form the Foundation of pediatric occupational therapy in practice, integrate knowledge of these newly discovered concepts  with knowledge and skills that they bring to the classroom, apply these concepts to occupational therapy practice at the level of a novice through exposure and practice with selected evaluation and intervention model, and then reflect on their newly acquired knowledge and skills by way of considering theoretical, contextual and ethical issues related to practice.

Students will be evaluated on specific aspects of the following curriculum competencies as it relates to occupational therapy practice with pediatric populations at the novice level: Basic Tenets of OT, Communication, Self Awareness, Healthy Behaviors and Personal Growth, OT Theory/Models/FOR, Screen Evaluate and Refer, and Intervention Plan.