OT 3840: OT Practice and Therapeutic Interaction Skills

Course description

This course teaches basic group and individual client-therapist interaction skills including methods of establishing rapport, giving feedback, and employing therapeutic use of self. Students use frames of reference and practice models to design client-centered groups, write group protocols, analyze activities, implement specific group techniques, and evaluate progress of self and group members.

Relationship to curriculum design

This course utilizes the full learning process of discover, integrate, apply, and reflect as espoused in the curriculum design. The competencies addressed and measured in this course include: self-awareness, healthy behaviors and personal growth as follows. The competent occupational therapy graduate approaches the practice of occupational therapy with an awareness of his or her limits, strengths, weaknesses and personal vulnerabilities. The graduate assesses personal values and priorities in order to balance personal and professional commitments. The graduate seeks help and advice when needed for his or her own difficulties and develops personally appropriate coping strategies. The graduate accurately hears and appropriately responds to constructive criticism.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate oral and written communication skills.

ACOTE standard:  B.1.1

  • Provide therapeutic use of occupation and activities (e.g., occupation-based activity, practice skills, preparatory methods). 

ACOTE standard:  B.5.3

  • Grade and adapt the environment, tools, materials, occupations, and interventions to reflect the changing needs of the client and the sociocultural context.

ACOTE standard:  B.5.19          

  • Provide therapeutic use of self, including one's personality, insights, perceptions and judgments as part of the therapeutic process in both individual and group interaction.

ACOTE standard:  B.5.6

  • Discuss and evaluate personal and professional abilities and competencies as they relate to job responsibilities.

ACOTE standard:  B.9.6

  • Explain strategies for analyzing issues and making decisions to resolve personal and organizational ethical conflicts.

ACOTE standard:  B.9.10