OT 4820: Practicum II

Course description

This course explores current occupational therapy practice in evaluation, assessment and treatment in mental health. Students will define Frames of Reference and their application to a variety of practice settings. Students will learn treatment techniques appropriate for groups and individuals.

Relationship to curriculum design

This course utilizes the full learning process of discover, integrate, apply, and reflect as espoused in the curriculum design. The competencies addressed and measured in the classroom portion of the course include: communication, problem solving, and personal growth. The clinical site competencies include: evaluation and intervention.

Learning outcomes

  • Use national and international resources in making assessment or intervention choices, and appreciate the influence of international occupational therapy contributions to education, research, and practice. (B.6.6.)
  • Promote occupational therapy by educating other professionals, service providers, consumers, third-party payers, regulatory bodies and the public. (B. 9.3.)
  • Discuss strategies for ongoing professional development to ensure that practice is consistent with current and accepted standards. (B.9.4.)
  • Explain strategies for analyzing issues and making decisions to resolve personal and organizational ethical conflicts.
  • Articulate the influence of social conditions and the ethical context in which humans choose and engage in occupations. (B. 1.8.)