OT 6600: Research in Occupational Therapy I

Course description

This course explores research in occupational therapy and related fields while developing research skills. It will include principles of research design, analysis and critique of research, ethical research practices, proposal development, and beginning familiarity with statistical analysis.

Relationship to curriculum design

The competency that is addressed in this course is research:

  • 11a. The competent occupational therapy graduate will appreciate the importance of a credible body of knowledge relevant to the profession of occupational therapy, and will know how to contribute to that body of knowledge.
  • 11b.The competent graduate will understand various designs, methodologies and statistics that are used or could be used in relevant literature for occupational therapy.
  • 11c. The graduate will effectively locate, comprehend and critique the quality of relevant research to make evidence based decisions for practice.

The lectures, class discussions and assignments all focus on this area. New information about research is discovered through exploration of new information including terms, content (design and methodology) and the use of research to make evidence-based clinical decisions. The information is integrated with the clinical experiences and information the students have learned in the past. The students are then expected to apply these newly learned concepts through critiques of research and a research proposal based on the research question they develop from a clinical situation. At the end of the class the students use reflection to analyze the group process and the outcome of their research proposals.