AMBUCS Scholarships for Therapists

Eligibility criteria

  • U.S. citizen
  • Junior in college or above
  • Enrolled in an accredited program by the appropriate health therapy profession authority in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology or audiology
  • Demonstrate financial need


  • April 9

Application instructions

1. Apply online at

  • Click on scholars
  • Then click on application

Read through the nine-page application. It may be helpful if you print it out and complete at your convenience, giving you time to consider all the questions.

Page two and three, instruction number five: Enter "Kalamazoo" on the line "Chapter Name," so that you are indicating you are sponsored by the Kalamazoo Chapter of AMBUCS. Or enter "ALIVE after Five" if you want to be sponsored by that chapter in Kalamazoo.*

After you complete the application, and before you hit "Apply Now," print out a copy of your complete application, as it suggests on the last page. Make sure to complete this step: after you submit the application you cannot go back and print.

*Entering "Kalamazoo" as chapter sponsor automatically ensures you become a semifinalist.

2. After submitting your online application, local AMBUCS representatives will come to the College of Health and Human Services, 3rd floor Occupational Therapist and Physician Assistant reception area to interview all those who apply for scholarship.

Notification will be sent out before for you to schedule your interview.

Please see "B. Instructions, section 5" on the application form. You will not be sending your items to AMBUCS, but rather, bringing them to the interview. The department chair will complete the "Enrollment Certification," (item a) supplied by local AMBUCS, prior to your scheduled interview.

You will need to bring all supporting materials with you to your interview.

  • Printed application
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 2014
  • Personal statement
  • Enrollment certificate will be completed at time of interview