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Visiting Kalamazoo  and WMU
Visiting Kalamazoo
and WMU

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Academic Advising

Encourage your student to develop a relationship with his or her academic advisors. Advisors may be faculty, staff, administrators, graduate students or peer educators. Academic advising at Western Michigan University will take many forms. Depending on the program of study, some students may have more than one academic advisor. For instance, a student may have a curriculum advisor, major advisor and minor advisor. Each college advising office will assist students in making a connection with the appropriate advisor or advising office.

Advisors provide students with information and guidance as it relates to program and curriculum requirements, academic policies and procedures, and various academic issues and concerns. Advisors will evaluate transfer courses for applicability to programs of study, assist with course selection, and when appropriate, refer students to support systems, informational resources and individuals. Ultimately, students are responsible for their own education. Students should make sure to register for their courses on time, familiarize themselves with University policies and procedures, and take an active role in their education by developing a plan of study.

Advising Offices

College of Arts and Sciences
2318 Friedmann Hall
(269) 387-4366
Advising office

College of Aviation
2210 Kohrman Hall
(269) 387-0347
Advising office

Haworth College of Business
2130 Schneider Hall
(269) 387-5075
Advising office

College of Education and Human Development
2504 Sangren Hall
(269) 387-3474
Advising office

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
E 102 Parkview
(269) 276-3270
Advising office

College of Fine Arts
2148 Dalton Center
(269) 387-4672
Advising office

Frostic School of Art
Advising office

Department of Dance
Advising office

School of Music
Advising office

Department of Theatre
Advising office

College of Health and Human Services
2125 Health and Human Services Building
(269) 387-2656
Advising office

Lee Honors College
(269) 387-3230
Advising office

University Curriculum
2041 Moore Hall
(269) 387-4410
Advising office