Chemical Engineering

High School Preparation

Engineering requires a strong background in mathematics and science. You should have completed at least 3 1/2 years of college preparatory mathematics, including trigonometry, and two years of basic science such as physics and chemistry. If you lack some of this background, you may select courses at WMU to help you succeed. Advanced placement courses are a plus.

During freshman orientation, the program advisor will review your high school record and make recommendations for course placement.

Transfer Students

Transfer credit from other colleges and universities will be granted for courses that satisfy WMU's requirements. The Admissions Office makes the final determination of acceptance of transfer credits. For community colleges within Michigan, the Admissions Office maintains a website which lists course equilvalencies. For courses at other institutions, please contact the Admissions Office or the Chemical Engineering program advisor.

Financial Aid

Many students receive some form of financial aid. Through a competitive process, WMU offers several incoming freshman Medallion Scholarships which can cover the full cost of an education at WMU.

More information on financial aid can be contacting the financial aid office:

      Student Financial Aid
      Western Michigan University
      Kalamazoo, MI 49008
      Phone: 269/387-6000

The PCI department has limited scholarship support for chemical engineering students. These three scholarship programs are:

Armstrong Energy Management Scholarships
These scholarships are for students pursuing the Energy Management option within chemical engineering. The awards are typically given to juniors and seniors and are awarded on an annual basis. Award amounts are in $3000–4000/year range. .   Complete the application form and send to the PCI Department.

Paper Technology Foundation Scholarships
These scholarships are available to chemical engineers pursuing a Pulp and Paper Engineering or Science minor.   Scholarships are available only during semesters in which the student is taking at least 3 credits of PAPR prefixed classes. Award amounts are determined by the Paper Technology Foundation, but are typically 100% of the full Paper Engineering scholarship amount.   Application must be made to the Paper Technology Foundation...

Chemical Engineering Endowed Scholarship
This will be a nominal award (about $500). All chemical engineering students in good standing are eligible to apply, but only one or two awards will be given. Complete the application form and send to the PCI Departmen