Chemical Engineering

What is a Chemical Engineer

 Chemical Engineers are involved in almost every industrial process in our society. The Chemical Engineer designs, develops, builds, operates, improves, and discovers industrial processes that involve change in chemical composition, physical nature,KatieMattDistillCol or energy content of materials. Chemical Engineers are also heavily involved in environmental issues. Process changes minimize environmental impact. Chemical processing is almost always required when cleaning up a spill or historical disposal site.

Chemical Engineers therefore impact heavily on our daily life, from the production of the cereal we eat in the morning to the toothpaste we use at night, as well as helping supply the fuel for our cars and furnaces and the electricity we use for lighting. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find anything you are using, at any time of day, that a Chemical Engineer did not help in its design or production.
With the skills to work in almost any industry, Chemical Engineers are readily employable. Labor forecasts indicate a shortage of Chemical Engineers. Current starting salaries for BS Chemical Engineers are around $55,000.

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