Director: Dr. Margaret Joyce

The Department of Chemical and Paper Engineering, Western Michigan University, has established a Center for Coating Development. The Center is located in McCracken Hall in laboratories adjacent to the Paper Pilot Plant.

The Center is equipped with sophisticated rheological instrumentation, an Eklund High Shear Capillary Viscometer, a TA Dynamic Stress Rheometer, and a Hercules High Shear Viscometer. The following equipment is also available to study the surface properties and structure of coated substrates.

The Center for Coating Development is supported by the Department's Paper and Printing Pilot Plant facilities. A CLC coater and a pilot aqueous coater are available for research and contract service work. The aqueous coater can be configured to run a rod, air knife or trailing blade unit. Through the generosity of Kohler Equipment, the air knife coater has just been upgraded. The aqueous coater can run a 26 inch web at speeds up to 1400 fpm. A Dixon coater has also recently been donated and will be installed shortly. A complete coating kitchen is available to prepare 1 liter to 55 gallon batches of coating. Jet cooking equipment is available for starch, PVOH, and protein preparation. A water retention tester is also available for measuring the water holding properties of coatings.

An Advanced Coating Formulations course is included in the graduate curriculum. The graduate Rheology course continues to be offered, as well as continuing education courses. Several graduate students are participating in coating research and are seeking co-op positions. If interested in supporting graduate research or participating in the co-op program, please contact Margaret Joyce @ 269-276-3511.