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Chemical and Paper Engineering
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AbuBakr at DRUPA

Dr. AbuBakr attended 2008 DRUPA in Düsseldorf, Germany. Picture with Madam Cerutti at the GAA/GEF Dinner on Wednesday, June 5, 2008.


Graphic and Printing Science (Imaging)

  Dr.Alexandra Pekarovicova
Professor and,
Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Welcome! I am looking forward to hearing from you regarding your interest in our Graphic and Printing Science (Imaging) Program. Our educational objective is to enable you to become a job-ready graduate by acquiring the technical skills, knowledge and experience required for a beginning professional working in the printing, imaging, and inks industries. You will specialize in learning digital printing, color management, communication, computer graphics, and business applications.

Students in the Graphic and Printing Science (Imaging) Program have a choice of four options. Out of the total 127 credits required for graduation, about 45 credits will come from the options area. The option areas are:

GPS (Imaging) (Business)
This program emphasizes business fundamentals, business operations, employee supervision, labor relations, marketing and sales, and advertising.
GPS (Imaging) (Multimedia)
This program emphasizes web, video and audio imaging application in addition to print.
GPS (Imaging) (Computing)
This program emphasizes information
processing, programming, network management, and graphics development.
GPS (Imaging) (Substrate)
This program emphasizes paper, plastic film, and foil properties and behaviors.

Don't worry, however. You do not have to decide on your area of study until you feel comfortable. We'll expose you to the common courses first and then in consultaton with me, you'll be able to make an informed decision about your options, at latest by your sophomore year in college. I look forward to welcoming you soon to the Graphic and Printing Science (Imaging) Program at WMU!



Hannah Brown


Graphic and Printing Science (Imaging), Communications
Transferred from art program

Multiple scholarship programs totalling between $35,000–$45,000 are available for WMU Graphics and Printing Science (Imaging) students.

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