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Chemical and Paper Engineering


Dr. Said AbuBakr, Professor and Chairman 
I am most pleased to introduce you to the Department of Chemical and Paper Engineering (ChP). I am very proud of our faculty and staff and of our unique and strong academic programs that we have in place to serve our students and our industries.
Our department is internationally recognized in terms of high quality applied research and high caliber graduates. You'll be taught in state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms, located in the new College of Engineering and Applied Sciences world leading campus, located in the Parkview Business Technology and Research Park. Our class sizes are smaller, with one-on-one interaction with faculty and industry personnel. You'll be learning with technologically-advanced methods and tools and, you'll be taught by the finest professors and faculty. When you get your first job offers, you'll be able to 'hit the ground running! That's why corporations feel confident hiring WMU ChP graduates!

Throughout the last sixty plus years, our graduates have always successfully placed with some of the highest starting salaries in the limitless and cutting-edge fields of engineering. Our students participate in hands-on summer internship and co-op experiences with the paper, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, energy, and printing industries.   Industry depends on us to fill their positions with our students.

The department offers B.S. degrees in Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Graphic and Printing Science. M.S. and PhD degrees are offered in Paper and Printing Science. Our Chemical Engineering program offers a PhD in Engineering and Applied Sciences in the areas of biochemical and biological engineering and an MS in Chemical Engineering.