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Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Imaging
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Career Opportunities

Nanotechnology: This cutting-edge science examines elements and the manipulation of matter at the smallest level possible—the atomic, molecular or macromolecular range. With the use of technology we can now explore how we may reengineer chemical components so they are better utilized in all areas of paper engineering application—taking printing, coatings, and inks to their next level.

Biopulping and Biorefining: In a laboratory setting, we recreate nature’s systematic breakdown of trees, and then determine how we can best utilize those properties and all of their natural components to create new energy sources.

Recycling/Environmental Applications: The paper industry is continually improving ways to conserve and harness our natural resources as well as innovating processes to reuse the byproducts associated with the paper engineering.

Radio Frequency Identification Labels (RFIDs): Integrates traditional paper and ink with circuit board technology to produce smart electronic ink-based solutions revolutionizing the package printing process. Each ink layer eliminates the need for batteries, traditional circuits and displaces antennas. RFIDs stores all of this information which in turn communicates via radio frequency. More advanced than bar coding, RFIDs track everything from inventory to migrating birds and can also be used for security applications.

Color, Printing and Ink: Turn printed media into “live artwork” on any substrate (the material on which its printed) you can think of. Create three-dimensional images with breathtaking vibrancy.

Paper Mills: Create more efficient and energy-saving methods to make paper and its related products faster and better.


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