Policy on Western Michigan University Programs and Activities Involving Minors

Whereas, the Western Michigan University Board of Trustees and President continue their strong commitment to provide a safe, ethical, and protective environment for all members of the University community; and

Whereas, the WMU Board of Trustees and President are in the forefront of taking action steps in their commitment and have adopted numerous policies, requirements, and procedures; and

Whereas, the WMU Board and President also recognize that University collaborations, programs, and activities involving minors provide countless educational, nurturing, personal, and enriching opportunities for minors; and

Whereas these opportunities are sought and encouraged by many local, state, and national entities, as well as by parents and guardians; and

Whereas, in addition to the steps already taken by the Board and President that currently serve to protect minors involved in programs and activities on campus, the Board of Trustees and President of Western Michigan University wish to take still further steps in this regard:  

Therefore, it is resolved that: 

It is the policy of Western Michigan University that all existing and future University programs and activities involving minors be developed and administered so as to: 

  1. Provide safe and protective environments for participation of minors; and
  2. Mandate compliance with policies and requirements enacted by the Board, President, and the administration, including WMU’s Duty to Report Criminal Acts policy, the President’s Statement on Reporting Illegal and Unethical Activities, and EthicsPoints reporting procedures; and
  3. Require appropriate training for those WMU employees, students, and volunteers that come in direct contact with minors in these University programs and activities, which includes training on reporting of child abuse as mandated or allowed under state law. 

This policy is not intended to supersede or conflict with law or collective bargaining agreements. The administration is also authorized to enact additional requirements and procedures to effectuate this Board policy, including but not limited to mandating criminal background check procedures as deemed appropriate for the particular program or activity. 

(Adopted by the Western Michigan University Board of Trustees April 18, 2013)