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Academic Affairs Strategic Plan

Academic Affairs Strategic Planning

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Academic Affairs Strategic Plan 2010-12
Draft Academic Affairs Strategic Plan 2012-15

The WMU Strategic Plan calls for the division strategic plans to be aligned with the university-wide plan. During the 2012 spring semester the Provost's Council reviewed and revised the 2010 Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) Strategic Plan. The council recommends this draft version and submits it for review by the university community for further input.

Therefore, the 2012-15 Academic Affairs Strategic Plan draft is available from the following link:

This is an evolving plan that calls for periodic review, assessment and revision with consultation from our colleagues across campus, including the appropriate bodies within the Faculty Senate. Proposed changes to the 2010-12 Academic Affairs Strategic Plan appear in blue text.

The timeline for input, revision and approval of the draft plan follows:

  • May 17-Sept. 30, 2012: University community provides input regarding the draft 2012-15 OAA Strategic Plan
  • Oct. 1-Oct. 31, 2012: Provost's Council makes revisions and finalizes the draft language
  • Nov. 1-Dec. 5, 2012: President Dunn and BOT review and vote to accept plan

We encourage the community at large to discuss and provide comments to the following email address:

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this process. We look forward to discussions as a means to celebrate the important milestones we have reached, and to envision the aspirational growth of the academic mission of Western Michigan University over the next three years.


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