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Faculty and staff awards
Faculty and staff awards

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International programs

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University mission

Deans, Chairs, and Directors

Below is a alphabetical list of Colleges, Departments, and Units at Western Michigan University with their respective Deans, Chairs, and Directors. These areas are affiliated members of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

College of Arts and Sciences

(269) 387-4350

Dr. Alexander Enyedi, Dean
Dr. Cathryn Bailey, Senior Associate Dean
Dr. Keith Hearit, Associate Dean
Dr. Edwin Martini, Associate Dean


Anthropology Dr. LouAnn Wurst, Chair
Biological Sciences Dr. John Spitsbergen, Chair
Chemistry Dr. Gary Blackmer, Interim Chair
Communication (School of) Dr. Leigh Ford, Director
Comparative Religion Dr. Stephen Covell, Chair
Economics Dr. Donald Meyer, Chair
English Dr. Jonathan Bush, Chair
Gender and Women's Studies   Dr. Susan Freeman, Chair
Geography Dr. Benjamin Ofori-Amoah, Chair
Geosciences Dr. Mohamed Sultan, Chair
History Dr. Jose Brandao, Chair
Mathematics Dr. Gene Freudenburg, Chair
Philosophy Dr. Marc Alspector-Kelly, Chair
Physics Dr. Kirk Korista, Chair
Political Science Dr. John Clark, Chair
Psychology Dr. Stephanie Peterson, Chair
Public Affairs and Administration (School of) Dr. Barbara Liggett, Director
Sociology Dr. David Hartmann, Chair
Spanish   Dr. Irma Lopez, Chair
  Dr. Magdalena Niewiadomska-Bugaj, Chair
World Languages and Literatures Dr. Molly Lynde-Recchia, Chair


Africana Studies Program Dr. Alex Enyedi, Acting Director
Cistercian Studies (Institute for) Dr. Rozanne Elder, Director
Criminal Justice Program   Dr. Ronald Kramer, Director
Environmental Institute  
Environmental Studies Program Dr. Steven Kohler, Director
University Center for the Humanities Dr. Katherine Joslin, Director
International Studies Program
Kercher Center for Social Research   Dr. David Hartmann, Director
Medieval Institute Dr. James Murray, Director
Science Education (Mallinson Institute for) Dr. William Cobern, Director

College of Aviation

(269) 964-6375

Captain David Powell, Dean
Dr. Raymond Thompson, Associate Dean
Captain Stephen K. Jones, Executive Director of Flight Operations

Departments, programs, schools

Aviation Sciences   Mr. Gil Sinclair, Chair

Haworth College of Business

(269) 387-5050

Dr. Kay Palan, Dean
Dr. Satish Deshpande, Associate Dean
Dr. Christina Stamper, Associate Dean

Departments, programs, schools

Accountancy Dr. Donald Gribbin, Chair
Business Information Systems Dr. J. Michael Tarn, Chair
Finance and Commercial Law Dr. Devrim Yaman, Chair
Management Dr. Robert Landeros, Chair
Marketing   Dr. Mushtaq Luqmani, Chair
Military Science and Leadership Lt. Col. Decker Hains, Chair

College of Education and Human Development

(269) 387-2960

Dr. Ming Li, Dean
Dr. Katharine Cummings, Associate Dean and Director of Teacher Education
Dr. Christopher Cheatham, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Services

Departments, programs, schools

Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology Dr. Patrick Munley, Chair
Educational Leadership, Research and Technology Dr. Donna Talbot, Chair
Family and Consumer Sciences Dr. Gary Bischof, Interim Chair
Human Performance and Health
Dr. Yuanlong Liu, Interim Chair
Special Education and Literacy Studies Dr. Daniel Morgan, Chair
Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies Dr. Regena Fails Nelson, Chair

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

(269) 276-3253

Dr. Edmund Tsang, Interim Dean
Dr. Paul Engelmann, Assistant Dean

Departments, programs, schools

Chemical and Paper Engineering Dr. Said AbuBakr, Chair
Civil and Construction Engineering   Dr. Osama Abudayyeh, Chair
Computer Science Dr. Steven Carr, Chair
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dr. Steven Durbin, Chair
Engineering Design, Manufacturing, and Management Systems Dr. Steven Butt, Chair
Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering and Engineering Management Dr. Steven Butt, Chair
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering   Dr. Parviz Merati, Chair

College of Fine Arts

(269) 387-5810

Mr. Dan Guyette, Dean
Mr. George Brown, Associate Dean

Departments, programs, schools

Frostic School of Art Ms. Tricia Hennessy, Director
Dance Ms. Nina Nelson, Chair
Music (School of)   Mr. Brad Wong, Director
Theatre Dr. Joan Herrington, Chair

College of Health and Human Services

(269) 387-7367

Dr. Earlie Washington, Dean
Vacant, Associate Dean


Blindness and Low Vision Studies Dr. James Leja, Chair
Interdisciplinary Health Programs (School of) Dr. Robert Wertkin, Director
Nursing (WMU Bronson School of) Dr. Mary Lagerwey, Interim Director
Occupational Therapy Dr. Ben Atchison, Chair
Physician Assistant Dr. Eric Vangsnes, Chair
Social Work (School of)   Dr. Hector Diaz, Director
Speech Pathology and Audiology   Dr. Ann Tyler, Chair


Alcohol and Drug Abuse   Dr. C. Dennis Simpson, Director
Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness   Ms. Kathi Fuller, Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Ms. Gay Walker, Program Coordinator
Interdisciplinary Health Services   Dr. Doris Ravotas, Program Coordinator
Interdisciplinary Health Sciences   Dr. Nickola Nelson, Director

The Graduate College

(269) 387-8212

Dr. Susan Stapleton, Dean
Dr. Christine Byrd-Jacobs, Associate Dean

Lee Honors College

(269) 387-3230

Dr. Carla Koretsky, Dean
Ms. Jane Baas, Associate Dean

Office of the Vice President for Research

(269) 387-8298

Dr. Daniel Litynski, Vice President for Research
Dr. Paula Kohler, Associate Vice President for Research

University Libraries

(269) 387-5155

Dr. Joseph Reish, Dean
Dr. Barbara Cockrell, Associate Dean
Ms. May Chang, Associate Dean of Library Technology


Operational Services Ms. Regina Buckner, Director

Extended University Programs

(269) 387-4200

Dr. Dawn Gaymer, Associate Provost
Dr. Betty Dennis, Associate Dean


Business Operations
Ms. Kendra Geeslin, Director
Conferences and Facilities Mr. Joseph Wilson, Director
Enrollment Management and Marketing Ms. Lisa Emery, Executive Director
Regional Director Ms. Roxanne Buhl
Executive Director of Technology Mr. Andy Holmes
Lifelong Learning Academy and Professional Development Ms. Sharon Russell, Director

Regional Locations

Battle Creek Regional Location
(269) 965-5380
Ms. Luann Harden, Regional Director
Grand Rapids Beltline Location
(616) 771-9470
Ms. Roxanne Buhl, Regional Coordinator
Grand Rapids Downtown Location
(616) 771-4100
Ms. Roxanne Buhl, Regional Coordinator
Lansing Regional Location
(517) 483-9728
Mr. Adam Scheidt, Regional Coordinator
Metro Detroit Regional Location
(248) 485-4500
Mr. Michael Mathis, Regional Director
Muskegon Regional Location
(231) 777-0500
Mr. LaVon Williams, Regional Coordinator
Southwest Regional Location
(269) 934-1500
Ms. Luann Harden, Regional Director
Traverse City Regional Location
(231) 995-1846
Ms. Kim Stevens, Regional Coordinator

Other Administrative Academic Affairs Units

Academic Collective Bargaining and Contract Administration
(269) 387-4307
Dr. Nancy Mansberger, Director
Center for Academic Success Programs
(269) 387-4411
Dr. Randy Ott, Director
(269) 387-2000
Dr. Christopher Tremblay, Interim Director
Assessment and Undergraduate Studies
(269) 387-4564
  Dr. David Reinhold, Associate Provost
Bronco Express Services Team (BEST)
(269) 387-6000
  Ms. Barbara Banks, Director
Budget and Personnel Dr. Jim Gilchrist, Vice Provost and CIO
Center for English Language and Culture for International Students (CELCIS)
(269) 387-4800
Mr. Thomas Marks, Director
Disability Services (Center for)
(269) 387-7200
  Dr. Carol Sundberg, Director
Enrollment Management
(269) 387-1000
Dr. Christopher Tremblay, Associate Provost
Faculty Development (Office of)
(269) 387-0732
Dr. Andrea Beach, Director
First-Year Experience Programs
(269) 387-2167
Dr. Toni Woolfork-Barnes, Director
Diether H. Haenicke Institute for Global Education
(269) 387-5890
Dr. Wolfgang Schlör, Associate Provost
Office of Information Technology
(269) 387-5430
Mr. Thomas Wolf, Chief Technology Officer
Institutional Effectiveness
(269) 387-0399
Dr. Jody Brylinsky, Associate Provost
Institutional Research
(269) 387-4422
Ms. Tracy Pattok, Director
Lewis Walker Institute for Race and Ethnic Relations
(269) 387-2141
Dr. Timothy Ready, Director
(269) 387-4300
Ms. Carrie Cumming, Registrar
Seita Scholars Program
(269) 387-8362
Mr. Chris Harris, Program Director
Student Financial Aid and Scholarships
(269) 387-6000
Mr. Mark Delorey, Director
Unified Clinics
(269) 387-7000
  Dr. Carol Sundberg, Director
(269) 387-5715
Mr. Gordon Bolar, General Manager