Article I - Meetings

  • Section 1 - Four regular general meetings shall be held during the year in tentatively September, November, February, and May. Special meetings may be called by the President to resolve issues and for voting purposes.
  • Section 2 - Executive Board meetings shall be held once a month.
  • Section 3 - Notice of regular and special meetings of the organization shall appear in an appropriate publication prior to these meetings.
  • Section 4 - Annual reports from the previous year shall be made available for review at the request of any member.

Article II - Dues

  • Section 1 - Dues are payable for the Western Michigan University fiscal Year, July 1 to June 30.
  • Section 2 - Annual membership dues for renewal memberships are due July 1 of each fiscal year.
  • Section 3 - Membership must be renewed annually. Dues for current PSSO members who retire from WMU will be waived. All new non-exempt non-bargaining employees are entitled to free membership until the next annual dues are required.

Article III - Officers

Section 1: The President

  • Shall preside at all meetings of the organization.
  • Shall appoint all standing committee chairpersons with the approval of the Executive Board, by July 31.
  • Shall be a member ex-officio of all committees, except the Nominating Committee.
  • Shall keep extra copies of the Constitution and Bylaws.
  • As past-president, shall be responsible for presentation of the annual report from the previous year.
  • Shall provide prior years' committee reports and data to each new committee chairperson.
  • Shall provide the secretary with information necessary to prepare the annual report.

Section 2: The Past President

  • As past-president, shall be responsible for presentation of the annual report from the previous year.
  • As past-president, shall serve on the Executive Board for the following year.

Section 3: Vice-President

  • (A) Shall, in the absence of the president, have all the powers of the president.
  • (B) Shall act as general meeting chairperson coordinator with duties to include:
    • Arrangement for speakers.
    • Agenda items
    • Timely notification of topics for publication.
  • (C) Shall provide the president with information necessary to prepare the annual report.

Section 4: Secretary

  • (A) Shall enter in proper minute books, all resolutions and proceedings of meetings of the organization and the Executive Board.
  • (B) Shall conduct the correspondence of the organization.
  • (C) Shall be responsible for preparation of an annual report.
  • (D) Shall be responsible for collecting and depositing permanent records in the PSSO office files, including those of all members of the Executive Board and committees. Copies are to be made and distributed to incoming officers.

Section 5: Treasurer

  • (A) Shall receive all monies payable to the organization and issue all receipts.
  • (B) Shall present all bills not previously approved for payment to the Executive Board and president and subsequently pay all approved expenditures.
  • (C) Shall prepare a current report of these funds to be published in the newsletter.
  • (D) Shall submit summary of expenses at the end of the fiscal year to be used for budget projection.
  • (E) Shall submit an end-of-year report to the president.

Section 6: Members-at-Large

  • (A) Shall chair committees as appointed by the president and submit an annual report to the secretary.
  • (B) Shall offer their advice at all board meetings.
  • (C) Shall assist in program planning.
  • (D) Shall serve as contact person from the general membership.
  • (E) Shall offer assistance to the board at general meetings.
  • (F) Shall submit an end-of-year report of committees chaired to the president.

Section 7: Publicity

  • (A) Shall coordinate production and distribution of newsletter bi-monthly beginning Aug. 1. All articles must be submitted to the editor by the 15th of the month before publication (example: Aug. 1 newsletter, articles due by July 15).
  • (B) Shall distribute information through means necessary to establish good public relations.
  • (C) Shall provide notifications of general meetings in appropriate publications (e.g., WMU Today faculty-staff email, Western News faculty-staff newsletter, Western Herald campus newspaper) at least one week in advance of the next general meeting.
  • (D) Shall maintain a file of all publicity items.
  • (E) Shall submit an end-of-year report to the president.

Section 8: Membership

  • (A) Shall conduct quarterly membership drives (August, December, March and June)
  • (B) Shall keep up-to-date records of all members and their department affiliation.
  • (C) Shall be responsible for providing new members with a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws upon request.
  • (D) Shall send renewal membership notices to members at the beginning of the new year.
  • (E) Shall maintain PSSO brochures and provide to Executive Board and membership upon request.
  • (F) Mailing labels of membership shall be available to committee members and Executive Board upon request.
  • (G) Shall submit an end-of-year report to the president.

Article IV - Nominations and Elections

Section 1: The Nominating Committee shall be governed by the process outlined in the Constitution.