All committees are PSSO unless marked with a (U)
(U) = University committee

Awards Luncheon

  • Co-Chairs: Bekki Spanjer and Pat Wilcox
  • Members: Jennifer Clements, Terri Culver, Pearl DeVries, Kris Kenz, Jeanie Lewis, Carol Morris-Mier, Cheri Siwik, Lisa Youtzy, Cindy Zimmerman       

Bronco Bash

  • Chair: Pat Wilcox

Bus Trip

  • Co-Chairs: Carol Morris-Mier and Delores Minshall

Community Service

  • Members: PSSO Board


  • Members: PSSO Board

Conflict Resolution (U)

  • Member: Pearl DeVries

Employee Health and Wellness (U)

  • Member: Bekki Spanjer

Executive Board Nominations

  • Chair: Sue Daniels
  • Members: Pearl DeVries, Anetra Grice

Finals Survival Bags

  • Chair: PSSO Board President
  • Members: PSSO Board

Make a Difference (U)

  • Members: Mary Lou Brooks, Mariann Vorva


  • Chair: Shona Drake
  • Members: Kris Kenz, Shannon Rininger

Popcorn Fundraiser

  • Chair: Paige Warner

PSSO Awards

  • Chair: Bekki Spanjer
  • Members: Sue Daniels, Amber Hutson, Jeannine Michael, Beth van den Hombergh, Jan Watson

Public Safety Oversight (U)

  • Member: Terri Culver

Racial Healing Planning Grant (U)

  • Member: Bekki Spanjer


  • Chair: Ann McNees


  • Chair: Kandeiss-Toi Ross
  • Members: Shona Drake, Amber Hutson