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Industrial/Organizational Behavior Management Alumni


Alicia Alvero (Ph.D., 2003) Queens College
Rhiannon Fante (Ph.D., 2008) St. Clair County Community College
Gordon Henry (Ph.D., 1994) Brown Mackie College
Douglas Johnson (Ph.D., 2009) Western Michigan University
Angela Lebbon (Ph.D., 2009) Lehman College
Heather McGee (Ph.D., 2004) Western Michigan University
Shezeen Oah (Ph.D., 1990) Chung-Ang University
Ryan Olson (Ph.D., 2002) Oregon Health and Science University
William Rantz (Ph.D., 2009) Western Michigan University, College of Aviation
Amy Scrima (Ph.D., 2009) Lake Michigan College
Siggi Sigurdsson (Ph.D., 2004) Florida Institute of Technology
Julie Slowiak (Ph.D., 2008) University of Minnesota-Duluth


Anne Apking (M.A., 1983) Independent consultant
Michael Blahnik (M.A., 2011) Innovative Learning Group (ILG)
Ali Blake (M.A., 2010) Southern Company
Jackie Bove (M.A., 2011) Detroit Pistons
Leslie Braksick (Ph.D., 1990) My Next Season
Dan Broekhuizen (M.A., 2003) LeanLogistics
Janice Brown (M.A., 1991) Perrigo
Barbara Bucklin, (Ph.D., 2000) Ardent Learning
Sarah Casella (Ph.D., 2012) Bair Analytics
Kathy Culig (Ph.D., 2005) BST
Hallie Dams (M.A., 2010) Oakwood Healthcare
Peter Dams (Ph.D., 2001) Dams & Associates
Mike DeNeff (M.A., 2002) Independent consultant
Gerta Dume (M.A., 2012) Continuous Learning Group
Thorhallur Flosason (Ph.D., 2010) Kellogg's
Luis Garnier (M.A., 1996) LMN Gestarse S.A.
Kirk Gillette (M.A., 1991) Gillette Dog Obedience Training and Boarding Kennels
Nicole Gravina (Ph.D., 2008) Reaching Results
Kyleen Gray (M.A., 2009) Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health
Blayne Gregory (M.A., 2013) Workforce Strategies Inc.
Brian Gribler (M.A., 1987) Foremost Insurance
Angelica Grindle (Ph.D., 2002) Quality Safety Edge
Randall Hallman (M.A., 2013) Kellogg's
Erika Holtz (M.A., 2009) Trumpet Behavioral Health
Wendy Jaehnig (Ph.D., 2006) Pfizer
Judy Johnson (Ph.D., 1997) The Boston Consulting Group
Sam Kallen (M.A., 2012) W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Richard Kazbour (Ph.D., 2011) Reaching Results
Jessica Kehoe (M.A., 2012) The Children's Center
Jeanne LaMere (Ph.D., 1993) OnCourse Learning
Doug LaFleur (Ph.D., 2004) MedAxiom
Dianna Langenburg (M.A., 1998) W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Scott LaTour (M.A., 2008) Liberty Mutual Insurance
Sin Chien Lee (M.A., 2013) Deloitte Malaysia
Lisa LeVasseur (M.A., 2010) Richard A. Oppenlander, DDS
Shannon Loewy (M.A., 2007) International Capital & Management Company
Lori Ludwig (Ph.D., 2003) Zimmet Group and Performance Blueprints
Ellen Mair (M.A., 2010) Skanska USA Building, Inc.
Maria Malott (Ph.D., 1987) ABA International
Erick Marmolejo (Ph.D., 2011) Kellogg's
Kristin Marroletti (M.A., 2013) OnCourse Learning
Grainne Matthews (Ph.D., 1997) Quality Safety Edge
Lauren McFadden (M.A., 2003) Nikko Performance
Laura Methot (Ph.D., 1995) Continuous Learning Group
Kimberly Morrill (M.A., 2001) Performance Design Lab
Jim Naughton (M.A., 1982) 1World4Learning
Maria Barnum Nelson (M.A., 1986) Boeing
Don Nielsen (Ph.D., 2006) Aubrey Daniels International
Timothy Nolan (Ph.D., 1999) Behavior Business Partners
Grisel Puertos (M.A., 2006) BayCare Health System
Don Rohn (Ph.D., 2004) Nissan North America
Joe Sasson (Ph.D., 2004) MedAxiom
Leslie Shier (M.A., 2003) Mariposa School
Greg Skogsberg (M.A., 2003) TWH Agency, Inc.
Karolyn Smalley (M.A., 1991) Performance Puzzle
Nick Spelde (M.A., 2013) Gentex Corporation
Sarah Stegman (M.A., 2012) Stryker
Karen Stoneman (M.A., 1988) Sysmex America, Inc.
Lindsay Street (M.A., 2011) Studer Group
Sarah VanStelle (Ph.D., 2012) Kellogg's
Adam Van Assche (M.A., 1997) Amazon
Michelle Van Wagner (Ph.D., 2011) Kellogg's
Katie Willerick (M.A., 2006) MedAxiom
Hanna Yaw (M.A., 2013) American College of Chest Physicians
Jerrad Yaw (M.A., 2013) Allstate

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