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I/O Courses

Below are the program requirements for the Industrial Organizational Psychology program. You can also view recommended course sequences:

The schedule of course offerings is subject to change. Students can view the intended schedule of offerings:

Program requirements

Competency I: Industrial/organizational (9 credit hours)

Competency II: Behavior analysis (6 credit hours)

Competency III: Research methods (6 credit hours)

Competency IV: Professional ethics (3 credit hours)

Competency V: Research and practice (6 credit hours)

Competency VI: Electives (6 credit hours)

Electives should be approved in advance by the student's advisor. Students may take courses in the Department of Psychology or in other departments. Potential courses in other departments included, but not limited to:

ACTY 6010 - Financial Accounting
CECP 6400 - Principles of Human Resources Development
CECP 6410 - Fundamentals of Needs Analysis
CECP 6430 - Project Management in Human Resources Development
MGMT 6140 - Business Process Management
MGMT 6500 - Managing Change
MGMT 6520 - Strategic Human Resource Management
MGMT 6610 - Intro to Management Science
PADM 6454 - Strategic Planning and Management of Health Care Organizations
PADM 6510 - Health Services Delivery
PADM 6550 - Administration of Health Services
SOC 6880 - Methods of Survey Research