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I/OBM Ph.D. Courses

Below are the program requirements for the Industrial / Organizational Behavior Management Ph.D. degree. The schedule of course offerings is subject to change. Students can view the intended schedule of offerings:

Program requirements

One sheet summary of IOBM Ph.D. requirements (effective Fall 2014)

Competency I: Organizational Behavior Management Core (24 credit hours)

Competency II: Behavior Analysis Core (9 credit hours)

Competency III: Research and Ethics (12 credit hours)

Competency IV: Master's Thesis (6 credit hours)

Competency V: Doctoral Dissertation (12 credit hours)

Competency VI: Approved Electives (15 credit hours)

Electives should be approved in advance by the student's advisor. Students may take courses in the Department of Psychology or in other departments. 3-6 elective credits should come from practicum experiences (not counted in Competencies I) and 9-12 elective credits should come from coursework (not counted in Competencies I-V). Potential courses listed below, although alternatives may be acceptable in consultation with graduate advisor:

PSY 5470 - Practicum: Organizational Performance Improvement
PSY 5980 - Special Projects in Psychology
PSY 5990 - Practicum in Psychology
PSY 6090 - Advanced Seminar in Applied Behavior Analysis Research
PSY 6360 - Experimental Design and Analysis II
PSY 6370 - Design and Analysis of Quasi-Experimental and Observational Studies
PSY 6470 - Seminar: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PSY 6494 - Advanced Instructional Design and Training Practicum
PSY 6740 - Verbal Behavior
PSY 6900 - Behavioral Approaches to College Education
PSY 6910 - College Teaching Practicum
PSY 6920 - Grant Writing in the Behavioral Sciences
PSY 6970 - Advanced Topical Studies in Psychology (must have advisor approval)
PSY 7100 - Independent Research
ACTY 6010 - Accountancy
MGMT 6140 - Business Process Management
MGMT 6200 - Enterprise Requirements Planning System Configuration
MGMT 6410 - Business Venturing
MGMT 6500 - Managing Change
MGMT 6520 - Strategic Human Resource Management
OLP 6400 - Principles of Human Resources Development
OLP 6430 - Project Management in Human Resources Development

Competency VI: Research Tools

Competency VII: Professional and Scholarly Activity