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Industrial/Organizational Behavior Management Faculty

Heather McGee, Co-Chair
Ph.D., Western Michigan University, 2004
Alyce Dickinson
Ph.D., Western Michigan University, 1985
Laboratory website
Brad Huitema
Ph.D., Colorado State, 1968
Douglas Johnson, Co-Chair
Ph.D., Western Michigan University, 2009
Laboratory website
Ron Van Houten
Ph.D., Dalhousie University, 1972

Working with faculty

Can I choose a professor to work with or will I be assigned a professor?

When you apply to the program, you are asked to identify the faculty member or members you would like to work with. The faculty member or members that you identified will determine whether they are willing and able to advise you. If they are not, then another faculty member may offer to be your advisor. Your advisor will be indicated in your letter of acceptance.

Once in the program, you may change advisors if another I/OBM faculty member is willing to advise you.

Do I have to work with just one faculty member or can I join multiple research and/or applied projects?

You may work with several faculty members, with the consent and knowledge of your advisor. Many of our students work with different faculty members on research and/or applied projects. We encourage it.

Do faculty encourage their students to choose either academia or practice?

Most faculty advise students who are planning careers in applied settings (after obtaining a M.A. or Ph.D.) and students who are planning careers in academia (after obtaining a Ph.D.). However, some faculty do have preferences, and thus applicants should ask faculty about their preferences before applying to the program and choosing to work with a particular faculty member.