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Industrial/Organizational Behavior Management Financial Information

The cost to attend graduate school is a common concern. The Department of Psychology at Western Michigan University offers the following suggestions and options.

Can I get a research or teaching assistantship? How many students get funding?
Some faculty members have research or teaching assistantships available, and may be able to offer students either a full-time (20-hours a week) or half-time (10-hours a week) assistantships. Funding is often available in other units at WMU, at local businesses, and/or through the WMU Graduate College.

Graduate College assistantships
BroncoJOBS (possible assistantships and paid internships)
Other funding--contact the WMU faculty member you are interested in working with.

Where are graduates employed?
For over five years, 100 percent of our M.A. and Ph.D. graduates have secured relevant jobs. They are employed in human resource, performance management, process improvement, and environmental safety departments in business, industry, medical settings, and human service settings, and in consulting firms and instructional design consulting firms.

How much is tuition?
Please see WMU’s Office of the Registrar Web site.

Can I get funding for traveling to conferences?
Students may apply for up to $1,000 for research and travel to conferences through The Graduate College; however, funding is competitive and very limited.

Can students work another job while completing graduate school?
We do not recommend that students work more than 20 hours week while completing the program. There are three reasons for that:

If you work full-time and would like to be admitted to the program, contact the faculty member with whom you want to work before you apply as to the possibilities.

How much does it cost to rent a place in the Kalamazoo area?
WMU’s housing office provides information about off-campus as well as on-campus housing. A survey of our 2010 graduate students reveals that 92 percent of them rent. The average rental/mortgage payment is $630 per month (ranging between $400-$1050) and about 31 percent of our graduate students split this cost with a roommate.