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Practicum Enrollment Process

  1. See psychology undergraduate advisor well in advance of the semester in which you would like to enroll for the practicum (at least one semester prior) to discuss practicum opportunities
  2. Select practicum based on pre-requisites and student interest
  3. Contact the faculty member listed in the “Contact” line of the practicum handout
  4. Contact the practicum site (typically the contact information for the practicum site is given to the student by the faculty member)
  5. Print off permission to elect form
  6. Fill out your information on the permission to elect form
  7. Fill out application for practicum site, if there is any
  8. Attend interview for practicum site (bring permission to elect form)
  9. Have on-site supervisor at the practicum site sign the permission to elect form
  10. Have faculty member sign the Permission to Elect form
  11. Bring the permission to elect form to the psychology undergraduate advisor before beginning the practicum work

Practicum will not count for credit unless you are registered prior to beginning the practicum work. Some practica require different steps be taken in order to enroll for the course. To ensure that you are properly enrolled in a practicum, complete the following steps. If you have any questions, please contact a psychology undergraduate advisor.

Any of the PSY 3970s (departmental practica with off-campus supervisors): You must complete a Permission to Elect and Background Check form (if applicable). These forms should be completed by:

* Contact the faculty member or graduate student coordinator first. After they have replied to your email and indicated their willingness to supervise you, the next step will be for you to contact the off-campus sponsor (unless the faculty member or graduate student coordinator informs you otherwise). When contacting the off-campus sponsor you will need to find out if there are positions available for the semester you plan on enrolling for the practicum.

* You must complete the permission to elect form and get all the necessary signatures (i.e., faculty, supervisor, undergraduate advisor). If applicable, you must have a background check completed and show a copy of the background check to your faculty supervisor before he or she will sign your permission to elect form.

Your permission to elect form must be completed and returned to the undergraduate advisors before you begin the practicum in order for this experience to count as practicum credit.