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Student Designed Practicum


In order to offer students a broad range of options to complete their practica requirement, the department has established a student designed practicum listed as PSY 3970.

Student designed practica require more work to establish; therefore, planning should occur well in advance of the semester in which you would like to enroll for the practicum.

Part of the requirements is to establish adequate supervision for the experience. Two supervisors are required:

  1. A direct, on-site supervisor
  2. A faculty supervisor within the department

Each faculty member has their own expectations for their practicum students and the listings below are the minimums that are adopted.  At the end of the semester, the faculty supervisor will evaluate your performance using feedback elicited from the on-site supervisor.  The grade you earn will be determined by this feedback.


These requirements were developed to ensure a level of consistency between student designed practica and established sites.  All practica must meet these minimum requirements in order to be approved.


Planning should begin early as it can take some time to obtain the necessary signatures in order to enroll. In order for the process to be as efficient as possible, please follow the steps below in order:

  1. Ensure that the potential practicum would meet the requirements listed above.
  2. Arrange for a person at the potential practicum site to serve as your on-site supervisor.
  3. Present your idea to a psychology department faculty member and ask them to serve as your faculty sponsor.
  4. Collaborate with that faculty member to determine the requirements for your individual practicum.
  5. Print a permission to elect form.
  6. Obtain the signatures necessary on the form and ensure that the entire form is accurately and completely filled out.
  7. Return the permission to elect form to the undergraduate advisor who will then register you for the course.

If you have any questions about any features of a student-designed practicum, do not hesitate to contact the undergraduate advisor.

Your Permission to Elect form must be completed and returned to the undergraduate advisors before you begin the practicum in order for this experience to count as practicum credit.