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Practicum Information

All Western Michigan University psychology majors have the option to complete a 3-credit practicum which provides students an opportunity to use their knowledge in an applied setting.

Choose a practicum

Most practicum sites have limited spots. Students interested in enrolling in a practicum experience should start the application process at least one semester prior to the semester that you plan to enroll in.

Planning your practica experience

According to state law if your selected practicum or research experience will put you into direct contact with any children under 18, you must have a Central Registry Check completed to screen your background for prior history of child abuse or neglect. (WoodsEdge Practicum does not need to do this).

Practicum evaluation

Please complete the pdf PSY 3970, PSY 5990, PSY 7120 Student Evaluation form and return to your faculty advisor by the final week of the semester/session.