Reading Resources

The Internet can aid in your work with a child or youth in reading. The following websites were chosen according to their compatibility with tutoring techniques used in the McGinnis Reading Center and Clinic at Western Michigan University.

  • Author Interview
  • Children's Literature Web Guide - An index of Internet resources related to books for children and young adults. This is an index you can use to find online resources for your tutoring or allow your child to surf for areas of interest in reading.
  • Fun Brain - All sorts of online language games help kids master everything from spelling to grammar and have fun in the process.
  • Get Ready to Read
  • Meet Me at the Corner
  • PBS Kids - This site offers reading games that range from letter or sound correspondence to creating storybooks.
  • Primary Games - Created by a teacher these online games and activities review ABCs, reading, writing and alphabetical order.
  • Reading Rockets
  • Scholastic
  • Smithsonian Institution Kids
  • Wonderopolis
  • Word Central - Merriam-Webster's Word Central offers kids a student dictionary, daily buzzword and interactive word games.
  • Write On Reader- Fifth graders created this platinum-award winning site about reading and writing for Thinkquest Jr. 2000. It includes information on making books and tips about writing from well-known authors.