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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I gain access to the SRC?
The Student Recreation Center is a fee-based facility. Access for students is based on the enrollment fee paid. If you paid a full-time enrollment fee, then you will have unlimited access to the SRC. Part-time enrollment fees grant limited access to the SRC during the semester. Students not enrolled or not charged an enrollment fee must pay a separate fee to access the facility. (Fee varies by semester or session.)

You must present your valid, current issue Bronco Card at the turnstiles to access the facility.

I have multiple Bronco Cards, will any of them work?
No. Only the most recent issue of your Bronco Card will work at the Student Recreation Center.

Can I bring a friend with me to work out?
Anyone who has access to the SRC can sponsor up to two guests to come in the building with them. The guests must present a valid photo ID and pay the $7 guest pass fee. You must remain in the building with your guest. When you leave the building, your guest must leave with you. The guest pass fee is for one access to the facility only, not multiple times in a day.