Registrar’s Notes – March 31, 2014

Fall Registration

Priority registration ended last Tuesday and all current students are eligible to register for Fall 2014 courses. An email was sent last Friday to 4,867 undergraduate students who are registered this semester, but have not yet registered for fall and have no registration holds. The email encouraged students to register and provided contact information for advisors and the Registrar’s Office if they need assistance with the registration process.

Final Exams

As we enter the last few weeks of the Spring 2013 semester, here are some things to remember regarding final exams:

  • Final exam week is scheduled for April 21 to April 25.

  • All final exams must be held as scheduled in the final exam schedule which can be found on the Registrar’s Office website at: spring.html.

  • All final exams are held in the normal classroom, unless other arrangements have been made with the Registrar’s Office.

  • To schedule classroom space for review sessions, please e-mail the Registrar’s Office at

  • If any student is assigned four exams during the same day, University policy will allow the student to request that one exam to be given at the make-up time.

  • In every class taught, all faculty shall give a final examination, i.e., some form of comprehensive evaluative academic exercise appropriate to the course, during the last week of the semester.

  • The final evaluative exercise may be distributed before the time scheduled for the final exam provided that it is due and collected on the day the final exam has been scheduled.

Guest Application

WMU students planning to attend another institution as a guest student over the summer can apply using a guest application. If the student is seeking enrollment at a Michigan college or university, they can complete a Michigan Undergraduate Guest Application. Students can access the guest application in GoWMU. The application will be filled in automatically with all the required information, including the WMU seal and the registrar's signature. The student only needs to print, sign and mail the application to the guest school. The application can also be found online at MichiganUniformGuestApplication.pdf.

Students using the non-GoWMU version will need to bring the application to the Registrar’s Office to have part II of the form completed. All students interested in taking a course over the

summer at a guest institution should contact that institution to determine if additional requirements are required for admission or enrollment. Students must arrange to have a transcript sent of any credit earned from the guest institution back to WMU upon the completion of the semester/session.

Desire2Learn (D2L) Grading Issue

It was discovered last week that there is an issue with grade submission impacting instructors who submitted midterm grades from D2L. If an instructor reported a midterm through D2L, which faculty were encouraged to do, they are unable to submit a final grade for those students. The system is informing instructors that the grade has been sent through as a midterm grade.

This issue has been escalated to the leadership at D2L and we hope for a resolution soon.

Upcoming Dates:

  • April 21-25—Final Exam week

  • Saturday, April 26—Commencement

  • Tuesday, April 29--Spring grades due at noon