October 21, 2014

Fall 2014 Working Reports

Working reports for Fall 2014 are available in Cognos.  Banner access to edit Fall 2014 courses starts today and goes through Friday, November 22.  If you need Banner training or have schedule building questions, please contact Laura Thomas at laura.thomas@wmich.edu.

Midterm Grading

This is the final week for instructors to enter midterm grades for the fall semester. The Midterm Grade Worksheet will be available through Sunday, October 27. Additional information on midterm grading, as well as instructions on how to submit midterm grades, can be found on the Registrar’s Office website at:

Report Students Not Attending

The November 4 deadline for students to withdraw from a fall semester class is quickly approaching.  It is important that we identify students who stop attending class so we reach out and encourage them to withdraw before their gpa is negatively impacted.   Instructors can report students using the "Report Student Not Attending/Not Registered" link located on the faculty menu in GoWMU.    

Spring 2014 Registration

Spring  2014 registration continues this week with juniors and sophomores registering.  The priority schedule for the week is as follows:


October 21




8 a.m.


October 22




8 a.m.


October 23




8 a.m.


October 24




8 a.m.


October 25




8 a.m.

An email is being sent from the Registrar’s Office to students prior to their scheduled registration time letting them know that they should start planning their Spring 2014 schedule.  The email references Degree Works and details ways Degree Works can help during the registration process.  Here is a copy of the email sent last week to sophomore students.   Seniors and juniors received a similar email and one will be going out to freshmen students in the next few days. 

Dear Student
It is time to start planning and registering for the Spring 2014 semester.  Registration for sophomores begins on Thursday, October 24.   Please see the schedule below to determine your time to register:

Date                Time       Cr. Hrs.
October  24     8 a.m.                 47
October  25     8 a.m.                 38
October 28      8 a.m.                 30
October 29      8 a.m.                 26

If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to review the courses Western Michigan University is offering next semester.   You can access our course offerings in GoWMU from the registration menu or on the Registrar's Office website at https://www.wmich.edu/classlookup/.   

Before it is your time to register, you may want to verify through GoWMU that all holds which would prevent you from registering have been cleared.  Now would also be a good opportunity for you to meet with your advisor if you need any assistance determining what courses you should enroll in.

Degree Works is a new tool available in GoWMU to help you plan for registration and track your progress toward graduation.   Here are some ways Degree Works can help you during registration:

  • Degree Works will show you what classes you still need to complete to earn your WMU degree.
  • Degree Works identifies requirements that have been completed or are in-process to help you avoid registering for classes you don’t need.
  • Degree Works displays the total number of credit hours earned to help you determine your priority registration time.
  • You can click on a course from the worksheet to find out what sections of the course are being offered next semester.  
  • Degree Works displays real time enrollment information from Banner so you can see how many seats are available in a course.
  • As soon as you register for a Spring 2014 course, you can go into Degree Works and see how the course will be used to satisfy specific degree requirements.
  • Considering changing your major?  Degree Works offers a “what if” feature to help you determine what classes will be needed in the new major.

Additional information on Degree Works, including a student manual, can be found on the Registrar’s Office website at http://www.wmich.edu/registrar/degreeworks/training.html.  Degree Works is available to students with a 2010 catalog year or later. Click here to see our You Tube video with Buster Bronco.
As a reminder, once you register you can view your schedule on a Smartphone or other Apple mobile platforms through the WMU Mobile app.  WMU Mobile is available free of charge through Google Play and the iTunes Store.    In addition to your class schedule you can access your midterm grades and final grades on your mobile device.  A mobile friendly version of the catalog and the academic calendar are also available on the WMU Mobile app.

I hope your fall semester is going well.  If you have any questions on the registration process, please contact us at 269-387-4300 or reply to this e-mail.  

Upcoming Dates:

  • Wednesday, October 23—Last day to receive a 25% refund for a complete withdraw
  • Sunday, October  27—Midterm grades due
  • Monday, November  4—Last day to withdraw
  • Wednesday, November 27—Thanksgiving recess starts at noon
  • Monday, December 2—Classes resume
  • Saturday, December 14—Commencement
  • Tuesday, Dec. 17—Final grades due at noon


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