March 24, 2014

Fall 2014 Registration

Fall registration continues this week with freshmen eligible to register today and tomorrow.


March 24



8 a.m.





March 25



8 a.m.




Spring 2014 Grading

Grading for the Spring 2014 semester is open. Grades are due no later than noon on Tuesday, April 29. As a reminder, instructors are required to provide the date a student last attended class, when the student is receiving a grade of “E” or “X”. If attendance information is not available, the instructor can use the last date of recorded academic activity. It is important that the date provided be as accurate as possible since it will be used to determine student awards and refunds.

Instructors will be prompted to enter a valid date that is between the start and end date of the semester before final grades can be submitted. In cases where the student does not come to even one class session or does not complete any work, the first day of the semester (January 6) should be used.

Spring Reauthorization

Just a reminder, all Security Access Reauthorization Agreements must be returned by Friday, March 28. If you have any questions, or if you did not receive a form, please contact Mike Roe, michael.roe@wmich.edu.

Degree Works Tip

Degree Works can be used on an iPad device. As with a PC, pop up blockers will need to be turned off. To do this:

Go into "Settings"

Choose "Safari" in the left navigation bar Turn off "Block Pop-ups"

You may need to re-start the iPad for the change to take effect. Even with the pop-up blocker disabled, Safari will prompt you before each pop-up. You can then either allow or deny the pop- up. In the case of Degree Works, you will want to allow the pop-up.

The College of Education and Human Development found a creative way to use iPads during advising appointments. They are bringing Degree Works up on an iPad for students to use while

the advisor works on Degree Works from their PC. According to Laura Ciccantell, “it allows for parallel work. Advisors can write notes and do exceptions while students explore Degree Works or look at potential class times, etc.”

Reverse Transfer

Western Michigan University currently has reverse transfer agreements in place with 15 Michigan community colleges. Through reverse transfer students can receive an associate degree by combining credits completed at WMU with credits earned at the community college.

Last week the Registrar’s Office sent an email to 238 students eligible for review under reverse transfer. Student eligibility is based on the number of credits completed at WMU and the number of credits transferred from the partnering community college. A total of 1,034 former community college students have been contacted by WMU since our first reverse transfer agreement was signed in 2012.

Additional information on reverse transfer and a list of our current partners can be found on the Registrar’s Office website.

Upcoming Dates:

  • April 21-25—Final Exam week

  • Saturday, April 26—Commencement

  • Tuesday, April 29--Spring grades due at noon

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