Register as soon as you can

Checklist of registration tips. . .


Registering for the classes you need to complete for your degree and scheduling those classes when you need them becomes easier when you follow these tips.

Checklist of registration tips

Meet with your adviser

  • Academic advising is recommended for all students and is required in many programs.

  • Discuss with your adviser alternative course selections in case your first choice offerings are full or unavailable to you.

Prepare for enrollment restrictions that may be placed by departments

  • Consent instructor/authorization required: If you plan to select courses requiring consent of instructor or departmental approval, contact the department offering the course to obtain permission prior to registering via Self-Service. Approval to register in Authorization Only courses is entered into the GoWMU Student Self-Service system online by the department offering the course. You, in turn, must register for the course using GoWMU Student Self-Service.

  • Independent study courses: Independent study courses require the instructor's permission before registering. If you select an independent study course, obtain permission from the instructor prior to registering via GoWMU Student Self-Service.

  • Courses with prerequisites: Many courses have prerequisites. The prerequisites are intended to help you succeed in the course. You are expected to comply with them. You may be removed from a course for failure to comply with the prerequisites.

  • Courses with restrictions: Some courses have restrictions which limit registration to students meeting certain criteria, e.g., college, curricula, year in school, honors, or placement test scores. Many restrictions are computer controlled. You may be removed from a course if you do not meet the course criteria. Consult the department offering the course if exceptions to these restrictions are required.

Clear registration holds

  • If you have any registration holds on your record, that information will appear on the View Holds page in GoWMU.

  • All holds must be cleared by the appropriate academic or administrative office before you can register using Student Self-Service in GoWMU.

Register from anywhere

  • You may register from any location where you can access the World Wide Web. Remember that all registration follows a priority schedule.

Register for a complete schedule

  • Register for a complete schedule of courses for the term as soon as possible following the priority schedule for registration

  • Although additional seats may become available in a few courses, and additional sections may be added to some courses prior to the start of the term, you should not delay completing your schedule based on the assumption that seats will eventually become available in courses that have closed.

  • Complete a workable course schedule early, even if every course is not your first choice.

Verify your addresses

  • You are required to provide a mailing and a permanent address and contact information in the event of an emergency. You may do so by accessing the Personal Information link on GoWMU Student Self-Service.

  • Make certain that your mailing and permanent addresses are correct so you don't miss any important information from the University.

  • Continuing students should check that their corresponding address information is current.

If you expect to receive your degree at the end of the term,

  • Be sure to apply for graduation audit by the designated deadlines if you plan to graduate at the end of the semester.

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