Stay on track for graduation and make the most out of your WMU experience by following these registration planning tips:

  • Check Degree Works for a list of classes you still need to complete to receive your degree.
  • Review the schedule of course offerings to determine what sections are being offered.
  • Meet with your advisor if you need help selecting which courses to take.
  • Verify through GoWMU that all holds have been cleared that would prevent you from registering.


1. Determine your registration time

Registration time is based on credit hours earned. The system does not take into account hours that are currently in progress. The number of credit hours earned can be found on your unofficial transcript or at the top of your Degree Works Worksheet.

2. Login into GoWMU

All course registration is done through GoWMU. The registration system is available twenty-four hours Monday through Saturday and Sunday from noon until midnight.

  • Enter your Bronco NetID and password.
  • Click “Login” or press “Enter”.
  • Click the “Student Home” tab.

3. Address validation

After you have successfully logged into GoWMU, click on the “Course Offerings” link. The address validation information will appear. You will be asked to validate your address each fall and spring semester.

  • Review your address(es) and update as necessary.
  • Check the box indicating that you have validated your address and phone numbers (please note: cell phone numbers are required).
  • Click “Submit”.
  • Click the “Back to the Student Home Tab” link in the upper left corner.

4. Register for classes

  • Select “Course Offerings” (under “Registration”).
  • Select the term from the drop down menu.
  • Select at least one subject (required).
  • Click “Course Search”.
  • Locate the course number; click the "View Sections" button
  • Textbook information and other important information related to the class can be found by clicking on the CRN (blue numbers).
  • Check the box to the left of the Course Reference Number (CRN) to register for the class.
  • A “C” in the place of the box indicates the section is closed (see “Waitlisting”).
  • A “SR” in the place of the box indicates a student restriction (e.g. program restriction, prerequisite, etc), see your advisor.
  • A box will not appear if you are already registered for that section - or if it is too late to register.
  • Click “Register” to immediately add the class to your schedule or click “Add to Worksheet” if adding multiple courses. Please note: entering a CRN on the worksheet does not reserve the seat until you click on “Register” and receive a confirmation of web registration and the date. If the course is a linked lecture/lab combination or has a co-requisite, the CRNs need to be submitted at the same time.
  • Click “Return to Registration Menu”.

If you have any questions regarding prerequisites, co-requisities or course availability, please contact the department offering the course.

Students are responsible for their registration and any subsequent withdraw from courses. Courses will not be dropped for non-attendance. Students not planning to attend must withdraw by the established deadlines.


Registration terminology commonly used at Western Michigan University.

Error Messages

Error messages that you may encounter while using the registration system.


Waitlisting provides students with the option of adding themselves to a waitlist in closed sections of a course. Waitlisting does not guarantee students a seat, but does reserve their place in line should a seat become available.