Senior Citizens' Opportunity Program in Education

Western Michigan University's Senior Citizens' Opportunity Program in Education offers persons age 62 or older the opportunity to register for one class each semester or session tuition free. Tuition is waived, but parking fees and any special course fees will be assessed.


Qualified candidates must submit an admission application. Please submit either the undergraduate non-degree application or the graduate non-degree application depending on your level of study. The admission application fee is waived. After enrolling:

  • Participants may register in one regularly scheduled class each semester or session on a seat-available basis.
  • Permission from the department must be obtained prior to registering in courses that require department approval, prerequisites or have other restrictions which limit registration.
  • Specialized classes may not be made available to participants due to space availability.

  • Registration is processed by the Registrar’s Office during the drop and add period.
  • SCOPE participants do not have access to services available to typical students, such as student discounts, the Health Center and the Student Recreation Center. Special WMU identification cards are issued to SCOPE participants to allow access to the library and academic facilities necessary for class participation.

Students who wish to register for credit are not eligible for SCOPE.

taxation of waived Tuition

Total waived tuition received under the SCOPE program may be taxable for federal and state income tax purposes. Please consult with your tax adviser for further guidance.