Graduate Student Publications

Monistic Interpretations of Tawheed in the Sufi Notion of Wahdat al-wujud 
Sean Butler | 2012 Hawaii University International Conferences on Arts and Humanities Conference Proceedings, ISSN-2162-917X (Online).

Review of Meena Dhanda’s The Negotiation of Personal Identity
Sean Butler | Philosophical Practice 6.3: 872-73. ISSN-1742-8181 (November 2011)

A Fourteenth-Century Augustinian Approach to the Jews in Riccoldo da Monte Croce's Ad nationes orientales 
Lydia M. Walker | The Newberry Library (2011)

On the Identity of the liberated Jiva in Jainism
Sean Butler | Sramana Vol. 63 No. 1 (2011)

Idealism in Yogacara Buddhism 
Sean Butler | The Hilltop Review Vol. 4 No.1 (2010)

Review of David A. Jopling, Talking Cures and Placebo Effects, Philosophical Practice
Sean Butler | Philosophical Practice (2009)