Animal Care

Basic Information About Animal Care

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is a local review board, established by the WMU Board of Trustees in accord with federal regulations, to interpret and apply federal regulations, state law, and research sponsor requirements for the use of animals in research. The IACUC is charged with the protection of the welfare of animals in research conducted under the aegis of Western Michigan University. By submitting a protocol for IACUC review, researchers are complying with University policy and federal regulations.


Application Forms

To access animal care and use forms for your initial and continuing application, and other forms regarding use of hazardous waste, surgery, and pain and distress, visit the Compliance Forms section.



Humane Animal Care and Use

All animals utilized by Western Michigan University researchers and instructors housed within our research facilities will receive proper care and will be treated humanely, in accordance with all laws and regulations, current University policies, and as outlined in approved Animal Use Protocols.  Anyone witnessing animal mistreatment or anyone who is suspicious of animal mistreatment is strongly encouraged to report their concerns to one of the following individuals, or to a member of the Animal Care & Use Committee:

Attending Veterinarian - 629-5560
Research Compliance Coordinator - 387-8293
IACUC Chair - 387-4484

You are not required to identify yourself; all communications will be kept strictly confidential.

Animal Care Policies


All Western Michigan University personnel who use animals in their research or teaching must be trained in the procedures they may be required to perform. Many granting agencies will not release funds until they are assured that the key personnel in the protocal have been properly trained.

Researchers (Faculty, Staff, and Students) who participate in or supervise research that involves animals must complete the following web-based training prior to beginning the research project.

Group: Investigators, Staff and Students, Stage 1: Basic Course

In addition to the above mentioned training, researchers must complete any species-specific courses relevant to the research project prior to the start of the research project.

Questions relating to animals in research? E-mail our research compliance coordinator.

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