Intellectual Property

"Intellectual Property" often results from the scholarship of faculty and staff, and typically includes technical innovations, inventions, creations, discoveries, and tangible research property, as well as computer "software" code. Intellectual Property is not intended to include "Scholarly Works" typically defined as traditional items of scholarly activity such as textbooks, scholarly books, or other written documents.

WMU's Intellectual Property Policy defines and sets forth the ownership, commercialization, and distribution of royalties, license agreements, equity interests, sale of intellectual property, and similar income generating intellectual property agreements arising from Intellectual Property developed by Western Michigan University (WMU) faculty, staff, and students and others participating in WMU programs.

For intellectual property and commercialization inquiries contact:

Dr. Clark Bennett, Interim Director
Intellectual Property Management and Commercialization
Office of the Vice President for Research
(269) 387-8218

Office of the Vice President for Research
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