Signatures, F&A Costs, and Funding Agency Limits
for Proposal Submissions

This page contains important information and policy links related to external funding proposals and contracts in three primary areas: signature authority; recovery, distribution, and use of facilities and administration costs (F&A); and WMU procedures for managing proposal development when the number of submissions is limited by the funding agency.

Signature on Proposal Submissions

The Office of the Vice President for Research oversees the development and submission of external funding proposals and has sole authority for submitting such proposals on behalf of the University. Such authority is described in the Policy for Signature Authority on Grant and Contracts. Thus, all external funding proposals must be approved by OVPR prior to their submission. Also as described in the policy, signature authority for external contracts associated with external funding proposals is delegated based on the value of the contract.

Facilites and Administrative Costs (F&A)

WMU negotiates with our cognizant agency, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, to establish the F&A recovery rate, a percentage which represents real costs of supporting externally-funded research and creative activities that are not easily attributed and charged to specific projects. WMU policies require that the negotiated F&A rate be included in the budgets of external funding proposals unless otherwise approved by the OVPR. The F&A policies linked below describe WMU's guidelines for recovering F&A costs and using F&A funds returned to units and principal investigators.

Funding Agency Limits on Submission

Funding agencies often limit the number of proposals an institution is allowed to submit to a particular program. This link describes WMU's procedures to manage the submission process when multiple principal investigators want to submit to such a program.

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