Research and Proposal Development Tools

Proposal Development

To develop a strong research proposal that highlights the broader impact of your work, you need to a) identify the steps to achieve your stated goals; b)address the transferability of your work; and c) develop a budget and justification that reflect the allowable and adequate use of resources needed to complete the project. Each sponsoring organization has its own schema for organizing a proposal, with specifics related to the nature of the research or creative activity. Proposals gennerally include some or all of the following components:

  • A title for the research or creative activity project
  • A budget and a budget justification
  • Statement of purpose, problem, hypotheses, or question to be addressed
  • Relevant literature review
  • Measurable objectives for the project that relate to the mission and aims of the sponsor
  • Research design and methodology, including sampling and recruitment as appropriate
  • Procedures for data collection, compliance, and dissemination
  • Techniques for data analysis
  • A project management plan and timeline
  • Biographical sketches or researcher profiles
  • Demonstration of an infrastructure to perform the research or activity; often referred to as "facilities and resources"
  • References and/or bibliography
  • A list of current and pending support
  • Institutional and partner support in the form of a signed letter

The following links provide more information and tools to assist with development of your proposal. OVPR encourages you to contact your research officer as the first step in applying for external funding. Click here to find your research officer.

Development Process
Development process includes the proposal routing and the approval process.

Data About WMU
Data about WMU includes information and data needed to complete the proposal for your funding agency.

Budget Guidelines
Budget guidelines translate the proposed project into a fiscal budget that supports its implementation.

Drafting your proposal
Drafting your proposal discribes the proposal process from idea development, compliance approval to budget formation.

Boilerplates provide text that discribes a unit's capacity to implement the proposal project.

NSF Data Management Plan
The NSF requires that all proposal submissions include a Data Management Plan. FastLane will not permit submission of a proposal that is missing a Data Management Plan.

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