Current WMU Students

If you are a current Western Michigan University undergraduate or graduate student with at least two full academic years remaining before completion of your degree, you may qualify for a four-, three- or two-year Army ROTC program. Which program you enter will be determined by your academic level and any previous military experience.

ROTC cadets in the field

Cadets receive operations order

WMU students take Army ROTC courses for many reasons. Some just want to know more about the Army and learn what it is to be a commissioned officer. Some have already decided to earn their commission as a second lieutenant by participating actively in our program. But, regardless of your particular situation, starting Army ROTC at WMU as a freshman or sophomore is as easy as signing up for any other elective course at WMU. Simply add a section of either MSL1010 (freshman level) or MSL2010 (sophomore level) for the fall semester, or MSL1020 or MSL2020 for the spring semester. Each section consists of a class and lab once weekly. These are elective credits that may apply toward your WMU degree. Once enrolled in one of these military science electives, you can take your time to become familiar with the different Army ROTC options available to you. You are under no obligation by simply taking the elective classes. If at any time you choose to become an active cadet in order to seek a commission, just let us know and we'll work on getting you qualified.

If you are a freshman or sophomore and have already completed your class schedule for the coming semester, you can add a military science class at any time until the completion of the drop and add period. If you want to join ROTC after the official drop/add period, contact the ROTC department at (269) 387-8120 to find out how.

If you are in the second semester of your sophomore year or you have less than three years remaining at WMU, you will be completing the two-year ROTC program. The two-year program has several means by which you can earn constructive credit for the first two-years of ROTC. It compresses the first and second year requirements into one year.