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Faculty and students in the news

Dr. Jazlin Ebenezer, Wayne State University, visited MISE to discuss the significance of the variation theory of learning for conceptual change. Based on this learning theory, she presented a teaching and learning model for educating the next generation of science learners. She also highlighted a recent study on the effect of this model on urban African-American alternative chemistry students’ conceptual change and achievement. Dr. Ebenezer's talk was titled "An Intellectually Caring Conceptual Change Inquiry Model: Variation Theory of Learning," and it took place on Friday, April 27, in Wood Hall.


Please join us in congratulating the following students on their recent awards:

  • The All-University Graduate Teacher Award for 2011-12: Kate Rowbotham
  • The Department Graduate Teachers Award for 2011-12: Kelly Sparks
  • The Department Scholars Award for 2011-12: Caitlin Callahan

    Well done!


Warm congratulations are also due to Dr. Mark Jenness and Ms. Mary Lindow, who were both honored at the Michigan Science Teachers Association meeting in Lansing on March 9, 2012. [Awards Program]

Dr. Jenness was the founding Director of SAMPI, and is now Senior Researcher Emeritus. He was presented with The George G. Mallinson Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Field of Science Education.

Ms. Lindow teaches at the Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center, and she won the award for High School Science Teacher of the Year.



Alumni in the News
On the occasion of the International Women's Day Celebration, March 8, 2012, held at Nebbi Uganda, MISE doctoral alumna Betty Udongo was awarded the Presidential Nalubale (Lake Victoria) Medal of Honor Award. This award is the 2nd highest award given by the Republic of Uganda to civilians who have made significant contributions to the Republic. The news release from Uganda reads:

Seventy four women were awarded various medals at the celebration to mark the International Women's day in Nebbi district on March 8th 2012. The medals awarded include the Crested Crane Medal which was awarded to 6 women, the Nalubale medal given to 43 women and the Luwero triangle given to 40 others.Dr. Udongo

Those awarded included Hon. Dr. Betty P Udongo former Woman Member of Parliament for Nebbi District who is the first PhD woman graduate from Nebbi District. She was the first woman to be elected as the Vice Chair of the Parliamentary Committee of Defence and Internal Affairs. She is also the first women in Nebbi to build a private secondary school.

We are proud to congratulate the “Hon.” Dr. Betty Udongo.


From March 12-15, 2012 Charles Henderson was a visiting scholar at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.  On March 13, he presented the fourth in a series of public lectures sponsored by the Interactive Teaching and Learning project. More information at:

Dr. Charles Henderson, Dr. Herb Fynewever, Dr. Heather Petcovic, and Andrea Bierema are the authors of a recent journal publication:

  • Henderson, C., Fynewever, H., Petcovic, H., & Bierema, A. (2012). Identifying the Local Impacts of National ATE Centers on Their Host Institutions: An Exploratory Study. Community College Review, 40(1), 3-24. doi:10.1177/0091552112436678 http://crw.sagepub.com/content/40/1/3

Jacinta Mutambuki and Dr. Herb Fynewever have had an article published in the Journal of Chemical Education:

Ramón Barthelemy has recently been awarded the Michigan Space Grant Consortium Fellowship to complete his study focusing on the research subfield choice of women in academic physics. With the support of the MSGC, Ramón’s project seeks to understand women’s high representation in astronomy and physics education graduate programs. The results may help to reveal best practices to support all graduate students in physics. This project is being supervised by two faculty within the Mallinson Institute for Science Education, Dr. Megan Grunert and Dr. Charles Henderson.


The director of the Mallinson Institute for Science Education, Dr. Bill Cobern, has just returned from an extended visit to Turkey on a Fulbright Award.

---- Reporting from Turkey ----

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Since arriving in Turkey on September 16, I have given eight public lectures to over 600 science education faculty and graduate students. The three lectures I use are titled:Dr. Cobern

  • Reconstructing the Inquiry Teaching of Science
  • The Competing Influence of Secularism and Religion on Science Education in America's Secular Society: Lessons to be Learned
  • Worldview Theory and Science Education Research

If one may judge from the Google hits on our MISE webpages, the lectures have been well received, as our hits from Turkey are up significantly.

I am enjoying my time in Turkey very much. The faculty and students have been very interested in discussing science education research, the Turkish people are incredibly hospitable, and the Turkish cuisine is fantastic!

We are pleased with the two Turkish graduate students currently enrolled at MISE. I am hoping, however, that my trip to Turkey and all the conversations will lead to additional applications. I am also hoping to visit Turkey again in the future!

---- bc ----

For Turkish nationals interested in studying science education at MISE

Link to video presentation in English with Turkish subtitles


Congratulations to MISE faculty Heather Petcovic and Charles Henderson, and grad students Jacinta Mutambuki and Jeff Barney, on their recent publication in Research in Science Education:

  • Petcovic, H. L., Fynewever, H., Henderson, C., Mutambuki, J. M., & Barney, J. A. (2012). Faculty grading of quantitative problems: A mismatch between values and practice. Research in Science Education. Advanced online publication. DOI 10.1007/s11165-011-9268-8.


MISE faculty and graduate students presented papers at the 2012 International Conference of the Association for Science Teacher Education (ASTE), held in Clearwater Beach, Florida, from January 4-7:

David Schuster, William Cobern, Brandy Skjold, Betty Adams, Amy Bentz, Kelly Sparks - Assessing Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Inquiry Science Instruction

Amy Bentz - Using Case Based Scenarios as a Discussion Tool for Formative Assessment in Pre-Service Teacher Education



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