Community Breakfast and Awards Celebration

The Community Breakfast and Awards Celebration is a combination of two prior separate events—Campus and Community Breakfast and Service-Learning Awards Celebration. This annual event takes place in the fall. The office hosts the breakfast to foster service-learning partnerships between the University and greater community. The event offers an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of service-learning, network with Western Michigan University and community representatives, and create service-learning partnerships. It also recognizes and awards three students, three faculty members and three community partners on their commitment and dedication to service-learning.

Summit on Service-Learning

The Summit on Service-Learning is an annual event that takes place in the winter. WMU faculty, staff and community representatives meet for breakfast and discuss their involvement with service-learning. A keynote speaker kicks off the event with breakout sessions and discussion following. The summit brings awareness and sparks new ideas on service-learning.

Spring Staycation

Spring Staycation is a in a five-day project, scheduled during WMU’s Spring Break, focused on raising awareness and serving the greater Kalamazoo community. Each morning participants cover a topic or social issue and then engage in associated service activities in the afternoon. There is no cost to participate; free breakfast and lunch is provided daily.

For more information regarding service-learning events, please contact Ashley Braatz, marketing coordinator of service-learning, at (269) 387-4455 or