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Students applying for the Master of Arts in sociology in The Department of Sociology at Western Michigan University should follow the application deadlines and instructions.


WMU has a new online graduate application system that allows all students (domestic and international) to submit required information into one system. General application information for the University, as well as specific requirements for individual programs, are captured into this system.

Applicants are asked to include some program-specific information, with a summary for these requirements for the Master of Arts in Sociology found here. Applicants are encouraged to bookmark this information for quick reference while working through the graduate application process.

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Thank you for your interest in applying for this graduate program.

Words from some of our master's students:

"My research interests include criminology, the sociology of animals, gender, and quantitative methods. My most recent work examines the mental health of inmates at the Clark County Jail, sexual assault, sex trafficking, and the hegemonic structure of all-male acapella groups." —Katherine B.

"I am the coordinator of the WMU Wrongful Confiction Program, a WMU extension of a non-profit organization which seeks to exonerate wrongfully convicted individuals through post-conviction DNA testing.  My other interests include online self-disclosure, and social capital formation accrual in online contexts. I graduated from Lake Superior State University with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Geography." —Ryan C.

"I am originally from eastern Pennsylvania, where I earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Astronomy at Lycoming College. I came to WMU for a Masters in Comparative Religion where I specialize in the study of New Age and Neopaganism in the US, especially their intersection with modernity. My thesis work is on conversion to Neopaganism." —Kevin N.